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Integrated Facility




In the pressing section high quality electrical steels, go through the slitting process, the first phase of manufacturing. The tapes obtained in slicing are then cut in high-speed eccentric presses with pitched molds to form laminations of the stator and rotor packs.


The packages, formed by placing 0.50 mm thick lamination sheets on top of each other, are sent to the winding workshop for wrapping after riveting.Additionally in the press workshop we manufacture the fan covers. After the air intake holes and binding holes of the fan covers are opened, fan covers are ready to be installed to the motors.


Aluminium Injection and Foundry

In the aluminium injection and foundry section, aluminium ingots are melted in natural gas or electric melting furnaces. Special aluminium alloy is used for the production of motor frames, covers, flanges and terminal boxes up to 200 frame sizes in aluminium. High pressure vertical and horizontal aluminum injection presses provide extremely tight textured aluminum parts.


Mechanical Processing

In the mechanical processing department, where there are hundreds of CNC processing machines and robot automation lines with high precision, parts such as shaft, cover, flange and frame are processed. In a single set up we process each side of the parts connected to machine.In this way, axis distortions are prevented when the parts are assembled. While the motor frame is being prepared for assembly, all the operations are performed in a single set up without moving the frame. Flanges and motor covers are also treated with the same basis and are being processed in CNC machines with fully automatic production line system.


Wire Enameling


GAMAK is one of the few electric motor manufacturers in the world that produces its own wire. Our own copper coils are produced in the wire enameling section of our factory. The copper, which comes in 8 mm, can be thinned to 2 mm and smaller diameters. Copper wires fed to mini-rolls running synchronized with enameling machines are simultaneously enameled and draw at the desired size. Copper wires enameled with two different varnish are produced in N class i.e. 200oC heat resistant. One of the most important elements of our high quality motor manufacturing is the production of enameled copper wire, which is undoubtedly the heart of the motor. 




In the winding workshop with full automation winding lines, respectively insulation materials are placed in stator packages, coils are prepared and placed in stator packages, then wire connections and cables are installed and the inter-phase connections with insulating tubes are put as protection. After the winding ends are stitched, all of the stators are tested. Finally, the stators dipped in H or F grade varnish are baked to dry and harden.




The resistance of all assembled motors is measured, insulation testing is performed and current values are measured and recorded at no load. Rabbet covers are opened in CNC lathe after the winding stator is hammered into the aluminum frame. Following the installation of the balanced rotor, the covers are assembled, the terminal connections are completed and the terminal box is installed.After fan covers and fans are assembled, the labels of the motors are prepared. Values such as test information of each motor produced, production date, material information can be seen through the label information.



Customized Production


In the customized production department, products with different features are produced according to the demands and needs of the industrial companies. Thanks to being able to produce all parts in our plant, we are able to produce special motors that other companies cannot produce or operate. We can easily produce our own nodular cast iron frames, cast iron shafts, stainless steel shafts and customized motors specifically designed for severe climatic conditions and water cooling towers.




Two of the very important units that ensure the continuity of production are our mold design department and mold production workshop located in our R&D Center, where the designs of the new molds and tools needed for the continuously developing motors are made. After technical drawings are made, wooden models are produced for cast iron parts in our modeling house. All the molds that we use in manufacturing are produced with the help of CNC machines with high precision in our well structured mold production workshop. Lamination cutting, aluminum press injection frame, cover, flange and terminal box molds and injection molds of plastic parts are also produced in this department.




Our test and development laboratory which ranks among the best in Europe where 'load testing' up to 900 kW motors can be done, newly designed motors or motors that have had their electrical ratings changed are tested at nominal power. Within these tests, newly designed motors or the motors with different electrical characteristics are installed and tested at nominal power. The current values, input power, losses, efficiency, power factor, moment, temperature increase of the motor operated under load until it reaches thermal equilibrium are measured, locked rotor tests are performed and test certificate is issued with all recorded values. Curves such as speed - moment - current are drawn. The noise levels of the motors are measured in the quiet room. The laboratory department is the heart of R&D studies. 


Medium Voltage Motors Production Plant


Medium voltage motors up to 3MW power level and 11kV voltage level as well as generators up to 5MW power level used in wind turbines are produced in this plant. In this department, which is equipped with state-of-the-art automation systems, all the necessary processes such as high-speed balancing, full automation robot bandage, VPI varnish systems and robotic welding are carried out with highly modern and high-tech machines.