Human Resources / HR Policy

High Quality Production Starts With Highly Qualified Human Resources

The main purpose of human resources policy of Gamak is to achieve the followings in line with the institution's morals, vision and strategies: choosing the right person for the right job, ensuring continuity within the institution by increasing its employee's motivation and loyalty, providing constant development of personal and institutional performance through system and quality improvements. In parallel with its leadership in growth and evolution, Gamak attaches particular importance to follow up all developments and to adapt the same into the business model also in modern human resources practices.

Gamak, a reliable community that appreciates its employees as an individual and treats them fairly and shares their success, takes it as its duty to provide suitable conditions for its employees to improve themselves and to realise their potentials. Because, Gamak knows by heart that the most important key to reach the vision it possesses is to create opportunities for its employees and to support them. 

As Gamak is well aware that success and progress can be secured with qualified human resources, it believes in significance of Human Resources Management.