Human Resources / HR Practices

We Act with Respect for Human

Recruitment Process

The main purpose of the recruitment process of Gamak is to employ people who are in line with our Human Resources Policy with the behavioral and professional knowledge but also with skills required by the open positions in our organization structure. Recruitment requirements in our company are met in line with the current demands or with the approved annual budget. Meeting the need primarily from internal sources before using external sources is one of our general principle.

Applications are evaluated in accordance with the qualifications required by open positions. The evaluation process differs according to positions. Job offers are made to candidates who had positive results from the interviews, evaluations and reference checks conducted by the Department of Human Resources and the related department. In our search for candidates, our ads are published in career portals and our web site.


Training and Development

With our training activities, we aim to increase the professional knowledge of our employees so that they can perform their tasks more effectively with positive changes and improvements in their business styles, habits, understandings and behavioral competencies.

The training process starts with the “Orientation Program” which aims to facilitate the adaptation of our employees to their job, to the company, to corporate culture and values as soon as possible. With the orientation, we aim the individual to get to know Gamak , to have trust in the company and to give business motivation. Thanks to superior performance and activities leading to success, continuous learning process carries on.

All training programs that will contribute to the professional development of employees and support their career path are planned by taking the requirements of the job and the competencies of the employee into account. Our employees who attend graduate programs are allowed to take time off according to their work plans.


Internship Opportunities

Students who want to do internship in our company can fill out the application form by themselves in the company or perform it through our website. At the end of each semester, application forms are grouped according to students internship/department preferences. The Human Resources Department determines the number of interns for each period, professions and required qualifications of interns (knowledge, skills, foreign language, computer experience) and chooses among the applicants according to vacancies. Please send your resume to to apply for internship.


Social Activities

Gamak provides a green, aesthetic, respectful and loving work environment. There are tea and Turkish coffee makers in our elegantly designed terrace coffees. Additionally, we make donations to Tema Foundation to plant trees in the name of the new employees or employees whose first-degree relatives have passed away. We also organize annual picnics and social meetings with participation of all our employees.