Sales Network / Sales Network

GAMAK’s Sales Network

As Turkey’s first and leading manufacturer of electric motor, we maintain our ongoing leadership with the widest range of products in the local market:

  • IE1 (for export markets), IE2, IE3, IE4 efficiency low voltage three phase motors,
  • Turkey’s first and only certified ex-proof motors,
  • Turkey’s first and only certified smoke extraction motors,
  • Crusher motors,
  • Single phase motors,
  • Milking machine motors,
  • Medium voltage motors.

We deliver our products to our customers in Turkey through 59 distributors, each of whom are experts in their fields.

Besides our leadership in the local market, we are increasing our global market share every day. We export our motors produced in European standards to more than 50 countries, especially in the EMEA region. Thanks to the flexibility we obtain by producing every part of motor in our facility, we are able to alter our machinery park to produce at the standards required by different regions. This operation gives us a great advantage in meeting the majority of the demands in exports and differentiate us from the competition.