Gamak Ex-Proof Motors

Gamak Ex-Proof Motors


    Gamak Ex-Proof Motors is a 3-phase, squirrel-cage, induction electric motor group that has been electrically designed as 2-4-6 or 8-pole and can be operated with direct feeding. 
    It is designed with design criteria specific to the relevant types, classified as 71-80-90 S -90 L – 100 L – 112 M -132 S -132 M -160 M -160 L -180 M -180 L -200 L -225 MS – 250 M according to IEC standards. 

    Features of Gamak Ex-Proof Motors 

    • In the motors designed in flameproof class d structure, the case components are cast iron. 
    • The product, which is designed to work in flammable and explosive dust and gas environments, includes the body, front cover, rear cover, terminal box, terminal box cover, and gland-blind plug-inlets, as well as the stator and spindle rotor group that make up the motor. The terminal group on which the electrical connections are made will enable the motor to run, and the cable connections connected to it remain in the terminal box. 
    • The installation layout is prepared in the B3 structure. 
    • Ex-Proof motors in the series can be produced in F or H insulation classes upon request. While the copper and insulation varnish forming the stator with F-class insulation can withstand up to 155 degrees by the relevant standards, this resistance limit is defined as 180 degrees in H-class insulation. The insulation resistance has no relation with the maximum surface temperature. 
    • All Gamak Ex-proof motors are produced with thermistor protection elements with a 130-degree opening limit. Thus, if the temperature of the winding heads inside the motor reaches the relevant level, the thermistor will prevent the electric current from coming to the motor, and the motor will be overheated. It is the user's responsibility to make thermistor connections. 
    • To limit the risks that may arise from static electricity in the products, the paint thickness on the protective casing is limited to 200 microns, and the raw material of the rotating plastic impeller is selected from a special raw material with a trace surface resistance below E9 ohm. 
    • The operating temperature range of the motors in the series is classified as -20 / +40 degrees.
    • It is forbidden to paint the engine by the end user. • It is the responsibility of the end user to make the grounding connections. • The motors are at nominal operating values of 220/380 380/400 400/690 50-60 Hz.

    • The motors are designed by the S1 operating style. For different operating values (S2-S3, etc.), maximum surface temperature tests must be performed and verified. 
    • Engines are designed as II 2G Exd IIC T4 Gb for the gas environment and II 2D Extb T135 Db for the dust environment. 
    • All technical information about the product, the responsibilities of the end user, and definitions of the quality management system are in the user manual supplied with the engine. The responsibility of the product will be the responsibility of the end user after commissioning.

    Click here to view the Gamak ex-proof motors.


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