GAMAK Medium voltage motors are used in all industries where heavy loads are moved or work connected with particularly complex applications is carried out. These engines are used in a wide range of applications in all industries, including oil and gas, power generation, marine, pulp and paper, cement, mining, metal and water processing. GAMAK medium voltage asynchronous motors are superior to their counterparts in terms of performance and durability.
What makes GAMAK different from its competitors in this field is our custom-made design, customization, reliability and flexibility capabilities. Our Medium Voltage Motor and Generator solutions are developed using advanced analytical tools to identify the best design for the specific customer application and to determine the performance-cost optimization.
GAMAK Medium Voltage Motors include motors manufactured for general use in industry in the range of 150– 3000 kW with a structure size of 315 – 630.

General Characteristics

Cage Rotor / Cast Iron Frame
Full Closed (TEFC) - (TEFV) - (TEAAC)

Voltage Range : 1000 - 11000 В
Power Range : 150 - 3000 кВт
Structure Size : 315 - 630 (МЭК)
Mounting Type : IMB3-IMV1-IMV3
Operating Type : S1 Standard, S1-8 Optional
Protection Class : IP 55
Insulation Class : F (155 ° C)
Temperature Rise Class : Класс B (80K)
Number of Pole : 2-12
Cooling Type : IC411-IC416-IC611
PT100 in Bearing and Winding    
Lubricating nippels    

Starting Method: DOL, VFD, Soft Starter
Cable Box: 180 degree changeable (left-right)
Painting: Standart RAL 7031, other colors optional
Protection: Up to IP56
Bearing: Standart Bearing, Reinforced design for radial forces optional Bearings
Rotation: Both Side Rotation
Frequency: 50-60Hz

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