Ex-Proof Motors

Gamak flameproof Ex-proof electric motors are designed to withstand gas or vapor explosions while preventing sparks that could come into contact with explosive gas or dust in the environment and cause an explosion or ignition.

What are the features of the Ex-Proof engine?

  • GAMAK's Flame-Proof Ex-Proof Motors are designed with specific design criteria for each relevant type. These types are classified according to IEC standards, such as 71-80-90-90 S -90 L - 100 L - 112 M -132 S -132 M -160 M -160 L -180 M -180 L -200 L -225 MS - 250 M. 
  • This motor group is a 3-phase, squirrel cage, asynchronous electric motor. It has an IP65 protection class and can be operated by direct supply. It is electrically designed as a 2-4-6 or 8 pole with a power range of 0.09kW-75kW.
  • The housing components of motors designed in flameproof Class D structure are made of cast iron. 
    Upon request, Ex-Proof motors can be produced with either F or H insulation classes. Although the copper and insulation varnish used to create the stator with F-class insulation can withstand up to 155 degrees by relevant standards, this resistance limit is increased to 180 degrees in H-class insulation. There is no correlation between insulation resistance and maximum surface temperature. 
  • There is no relationship between insulation resistance and maximum surface temperature. 
  • Ex-proof motors are designed with protection classes of II 2G Exd IIC T4 Gb for gas environments and II 2D Extb T135 Db for dusty environments. 
  • All GAMAK Ex-proof motors are manufactured with thermistor protection elements that have a 130-degree limit for activation. If the temperature of the motor's winding heads reaches a dangerous level, the thermistor will prevent overheating by interrupting the electric current. It is the user's responsibility to make the thermistor connections. 
  • To reduce the risk of static electrification in our products, we limit the paint thickness on the protective casing to 200 microns. We also select rotary plastic impeller materials that have a surface resistance below E9 ohm. 
    We limit the operating temperature range of motors in this series to between -20 and +40 degrees.

Where are ex-proof motors used?

Engines with explosion protection are used in many sectors where there are flammable and explosive materials. These engines are used in industries such as mining, natural gas production, paintworks, shipyards, chemical and pharmaceutical plants, as well as in flammable and explosive gas environments that pose a risk.

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