GAMAK offers a comprehensive range of low-voltage electric motors covering various types to meet different industrial needs. The range includes 1-phase induction motors, 3-phase induction motors, Ex-proof motors, Fume extraction motors, Stone crushing motors, and milking motors.

Low Voltage Electrics Motors

Low voltage induction motors are designed with cage rotors and fully enclosed housing and operate as asynchronous motors. They are manufactured for general industrial use and are available in a wide range of construction sizes from 56 to 630.

Low Voltage İnduction Motor

GAMAK's low-voltage motors provide reliable and efficient performance, meeting the diverse requirements of industries in different sectors. Whether it is a single-phase or three-phase motor, or motors specifically designed for hazardous environments, fume extraction, stone crushing, or milking applications, GAMAK offers a comprehensive range of products to support a variety of industrial needs.

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