Gamak New Series Electric Motors

Gamak New Series Electric Motors

Gamak New series electric motors offer flexible and practical solutions with the options they have, while creating a privilege with their high performance. Specially produced motors can be produced between the aluminum 71-200 body, unlike the standard series, with the options of plug-in and fixed feet.

New Series Aluminum Body Motors with Removable Feet

In aluminum body, the removable feet can be mounted and disassembled so that the terminal box can face 3 directions between 80-200 body, and in 71 type body, the terminal box is on the top. 

New Series Aluminum Body Motors with Fixed Feet

In the new series motors, the feet between the 71 - 200 body are cast together with the body. 

Body, Bearing Carrier Covers and Flanges in New Series Motors

The materials used in the bodies, bearing carrier covers and flanges of the new series motors vary according to the size of the structure.

You can contact our experts for detailed information about the new series engines.


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