GAMAK Smoke Extraction Motors

GAMAK Smoke Extraction Motors


    A smoke exhaust fan is a device used during fire incidents. Its purpose is to remove smoke and harmful gases from a building, allowing for effective firefighting and rescue operations. They are commonly found in buildings, industrial facilities, and public institutions. GAMAK Smoke Exhaust Fans aim to create a smoke-free environment for extinguishing and rescue efforts during fires. They also work in conjunction with jet fans to meet ventilation needs in enclosed spaces. These motors quickly activate in emergencies to extract smoke and harmful gases from the fire area, preventing the spread of fire and ensuring the safe evacuation of people.

    What is the purpose of a Smoke Exhaust Fan?

    A smoke exhaust fan is a device that helps to evacuate smoke and harmful gases generated during fire incidents, thereby clearing the interior of a building and enabling the safe evacuation of people.

    How does a Smoke Exhaust Fan work?

    When activated by fire detection systems, the smoke exhaust fan starts operating. Its powerful fans rotate at high speed, drawing in and directing the smoke outward. These fans are usually mounted on the building's roof or side walls. As the smoke exhaust fan operates, the smoke and harmful gases inside the building are expelled to the outside through opened exhaust ducts or smoke exhaust chimneys. This clears the air inside the building and creates a safer evacuation route for people. The smoke exhaust fan ensures the safety of individuals by providing fast and effective smoke extraction during fire incidents.

    Working Principles of a Smoke Exhaust Fan 

    • Activation: The smoke exhaust fan is activated by triggering mechanisms such as fire detection systems or emergency buttons.
    • Fan System: Powerful fans within the motor rotate at high speed and draw in the smoke.
    • Smoke Extraction: The fans direct the captured smoke and harmful gases outward from the building through exhaust ducts or smoke exhaust chimneys.
    • Air Purification: When the smoke exhaust fan operates, it clears the air inside the building and removes toxic gases from the environment.
    • Fire Control: The smoke exhaust fan, along with the extraction of smoke, helps to control the spread of the fire and reduces the oxygen levels inside the building.
    • Creating Evacuation Routes: The smoke exhaust fan creates a clear escape route for people to evacuate safely.
    • Synchronization with Automatic Systems: Smoke exhaust fans work in synchronization with fire detection and automatic fire suppression systems, providing effective fire safety measures.

     Where is a Smoke Exhaust Fan Used?

     A smoke exhaust fan is used in various places to ensure fire safety. These include commercial buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, industrial facilities, stadiums, airports, factories, road tunnels, underground passages, multi-level car parks, cultural and entertainment facilities, and warehouses. These motors are used to enable the safe evacuation of people during fires. They also prevent the spread of fire by extracting smoke and harmful gases from the building. Smoke exhaust systems assist in quickly and effectively removing smoke and ventilating the area during fire emergencies, ensuring the safety of individuals.

    Features of Smoke Exhaust Fans

    Equipped with robust fans that rotate at high speeds, ensuring effective smoke suction and evacuation. Capable of automatic activation by fire detection systems. Delivering high efficiency and optimal performance while consuming minimal energy. Constructed with materials that are resistant to flames and high temperatures, ensuring durability. Offering versatile installation options to adapt to various building types and structures. Operating silently to minimize noise levels. Easily controllable via remote control or fire alarm panels. Facilitating simple cleaning and maintenance procedures, characterized by a long lifespan. Integration with. Compatible with fire detection and other automated systems. Offering both short-term emergency operation and continuous operation options. GAMAK Smoke Exhaust Fans are produced by the EN 12101-3 standard, adhering to international safety standards and accompanied by relevant certifications.

    What are the Types of Smoke Exhaust Fans?

    Smoke exhaust fans come in various types to cater to different needs and applications. Some types of smoke exhaust fans include:

    • Jet fans: High-speed fans used for ventilation and smoke extraction in enclosed spaces.
    • Axial Fans: Fans typically mounted on roofs or walls that draw in smoke and direct it outward.
    • Flame-Retardant Fans: Fans are designed with non-combustible materials, contributing to fire safety.
    • Smoke Exhaust Chimney Fans: Motors designed to work in conjunction with specially designed smoke exhaust chimneys, expelling smoke through the chimney.
    • Jet+Turbine Fans: A combination of jet fans and turbine fans, used for both exhaust and ventilation purposes.
    • Outdoor Fans: Fans used in outdoor areas for smoke extraction in large spaces, particularly preferred in industrial facilities.

    Each type of smoke exhaust fan has different applications and features and should be selected by fire safety requirements.

    Standard Smoke Exhaust Fans

    Standard smoke exhaust fans are basic motors used to evacuate smoke and harmful gases from a building during a fire situation. They typically consist of high-speed rotating fans. They are automatically activated and help prevent the spread of fire while facilitating the safe evacuation of individuals. These fans are durable, efficient, and easy to maintain.

    F300 Motors: F300 motors are standard smoke exhaust motors commonly used in medium-sized buildings. These motors extract smoke and harmful gases from the environment and expel them outside the building. They ensure the safe evacuation of individuals during a fire and prevent the spread of fire. F300 motors are known for their durability, automatic activation feature, and effective smoke extraction performance.

    F400 Motors: F400 motors, on the other hand, are powerful smoke exhaust motors used in larger buildings and industrial facilities with wide areas. They are equipped with high-capacity fans capable of extracting and evacuating large amounts of smoke. F400 motors are designed to provide effective evacuation in dense smoke conditions and are typically preferred for larger fire safety requirements.

    Pad Mounted Smoke Exhaust Fan

    Apad-mounted smoke exhaust fan is a type of smoke exhaust motor that is mounted at ground level. It is typically housed in an underground box. These motors are used to evacuate smoke and harmful gases during fire situations. The fans draw in the smoke and gases and direct them outward through exhaust ducts or chimneys. Pad-mounted smoke exhaust fans are commonly used in places such as shopping malls, hospitals, and underground parking lots. With their durable construction, automatic activation feature, and easy accessibility, they provide an effective solution for smoke extraction.



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