How to Activate the Electric Motor?

How to Activate the Electric Motor?


    After installing the electric motor, the following checks and tests should be carried out: 

    • Compliance of the insulation and operating conditions with the plate information,
    • The motor is placed and aligned correctly, 
    • The shaft elements are properly installed, 
    • The insulation resistance is sufficient,
    • Direction of rotation 
    • No obstruction to the cooling airflow 
    • Rotor can rotate freely 
    • All clamping elements and electrical connections are tight, 
    • Grounding connections are well-made, 
    • Bearings are properly lubricated, 
    • Attachments must be attached, properly connected, and maintainable, 
    • All protective measures must be taken against touching moving and live parts, 
    • If there is a motor brake, it must be properly installed, connected, and maintained, 
    • Start the motor until it reaches full idle speed, 
    • Pay attention to the noises and vibrations in the bearings and covers, 
    • If the motor does not turn smoothly or there are unusual noises, turn the motor off.

    Investigate the cause of the noise as the motor slows down. If the fault disappears at deceleration, the cause is electrical or magnetic. Otherwise, it is mechanical.
    • If the motor has run well at no load, it will be loaded at rated power.
    Observe the smoothness of rotation and note the supply voltage and motor operating values.
    • Note the temperature of the winding, bearings, and body until thermal equilibrium is reached. 
    • To stop the motor, open the breaker and wait for it to stop without braking and activate the heater that prevents water condensation, if any.

    • To prevent damage or injury to the thermal protection system when the motor is cold, the temperature sensors must be connected and checked in such a way as to prevent the motor from restarting unexpectedly. 
    • The above checklist cannot cover all possibilities. Therefore, other measures can be taken by the placement and commissioning of more motorists who are familiar with the special conditions of the plant and the site, as well as additional instructions regarding them.

    For detailed information, please contact us.

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