GAMAK Crusher Motors

GAMAK Crusher Motors

What is Crusher Motors?

Crusher Duty motors" can refer to different types of motors used in various industrial applications to power equipment known as crushers. A crusher is a machine designed to reduce large rocks or other materials into smaller pieces or dust. Gamak Crusher Duty Motors are desing to meet demanding requirements of the rock crusher indusry. 

How does Crusher Motors Work?

The crusher motors operate "S1" duty-type and It works the cracking process of rocks. The crusher motors are working with the crusher mechanism of the machine. In general, the motors are connection the load with belt and pulley or coupling. The motors' size and power depend on the crusher type and process duty heavy. Crusher designers are considering rock type, the connection of motors, starting type and mounting type.

Crusher Motor Specifications

Gamak Crusher motors desinged for heavy duty work enviroments with increased strength and reduced vibration. The motors Show excellent performance with removable feet option that lower the maintenance down time.

Power Range- 132 kW-355 kW
Frame- 315-355 Type feet mounted, 315 type attachable feet mounted options
Frame Material: Cast Iron
Efficiency: Cast Iron
Starting type: Direct, Soft Starter, Inverter
Duty Tpye: S1
Bearing Type: De Side Nu Bering
IP 65/Special Sealing
Mounting Type B3 B6 B7 B8 B15 V5 V6
Insulation Class H
Cooling TEFC
Thermal Protection Thermistor, Optional PT100 and Protectors

Where Are Stone Crushing Motors Used? 

Stone crushing motors are used in a variety of applications in the mining, construction, and aggregate industries. They are primarily used to power crushers, which are machines used to break down large rocks, stones, and other materials into smaller pieces.

Some common applications for stone crushing motors include:
Jaw crushers: These are used to break down large stones or rocks into smaller sizes that can be used in construction or landscaping projects.
Cone crushers: These are used to crush rocks and ores into smaller particles that can be used in the production of building materials such as concrete, asphalt, and road base.
Impact crushers: These are used to crush materials by striking them with a high-speed rotor, which can break down even the hardest of materials.
Hammer mills: These use a series of rotating hammers to crush stones and other materials into smaller sizes.
Overall, stone crushing motors are an essential component of the crushing process, and they play a critical role in ensuring that rocks and other materials are broken down efficiently and effectively.
Stone Crushing Motors are used in stone crushing machines, feeders and feeding conveyors, crushers, rudders, destroyers and vibrations that enable large stones to be shredded and reduced.


Features of Gamak Stone Crushing Motors

Gamak Stone Crushing engines are designed to withstand the heavy working conditions required by the industry, from 132 kW to 355 kW in 315 and 355 types. The stone crushing motors, which are designed in fixed-feet pig bodies, can also be supplied with removable feet upon request. 

IP65 protection, which is especially needed in extremely dusty environments, is protected by a special felt and bearing design. Lubricated NU bearing used at the output of the pulley shaft, H class insulation, shaft design with increased resistance against excessive fatigue and torsion (shaft diameter 100 millimeters), cast iron body structure resistant to impacts and drops, thermistor protection come as standard features. Thanks to its electrical design suitable for working with the driver, it also responds to speed control needs. 


Where are stone crushing motors used? 

• Feeders and Feed Conveyors
• Crushers
• Rudders
• Destroyers
• Vibration

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