GAMAK Single Phase Motors

GAMAK Single Phase Motors

Single-phase motors mechanically comply with the same standards as 3-phase motors. In single-phase motors, the rotating field that creates the motor torque is created with the help of 2 separate windings called the main and auxiliary windings. 


Where are single-phase motors used? 

Depending on the application to be used, single-phase motors can be selected with permanent capacitors or start-up+permanent circuit capacitors. 


Permanent Circuit Capacitor Motors 

• In Permanent Circuit Capacitor Motors, the permanent circuit capacitor, which is active during operation, is connected in series with the auxiliary winding. 
• The power coefficient is high. 
• It has a starting torque of 50-80% of the rated torque.
• They are especially used in applications that do not require high starting torque such as circular saws, drilling machines, polishing machines, lawn mowers, pumps and fans. 

Start + Permanent Circuit Capacitor Motors 

• In Motors with Start + Permanent Circuit Capacitor, there is a short-time start-up capacitor and a permanent-circuit capacitor placed in the terminal box. 
• In order to deactivate the starting capacitor, a design with electronic relay and centrifugal switch is made. 
• Start + Permanent Circuit The starting torque of capacitor motors takes a value between 0-250% of the full load torque 20%.
• They are especially used in applications where high starting torque is required such as compressors, hydraulic pumps and centrifugal pumps. 

Click here to view Gamak single-phase induction motors.

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