Advanced GAMAK Smoke Extraction Motors for Reliable Smoke Extraction

Advanced GAMAK Smoke Extraction Motors for Reliable Smoke Extraction


    What are Smoke Extraction Motors?

    Smoke extraction motors are used to create a smoke-free area so that extinguishing and rescue work can be done easily in case of fire and the living things in the environment are not affected. Smoke extraction motors work in conjunction with jet fans for both fire emergencies and indoor ventilation needs.

    Smoke extraction motors used in ventilators have 2 types of operation. 

    They are designed for S1 Continuous + S2 Short-term (Emergency) operation.

    How Do Smoke Extraction Motors Work? 

    Smoke extraction motors serve multiple functions, including short-time or continuous + short-time operation during emergencies. In the case of short-term emergency operations (S2), they operate at predetermined times and temperatures during fire incidents. Combining S1 and S2, they enable continuous operation for ventilation purposes, such as expelling exhaust gases in highway tunnels. By specifying the desired parameters in advance, smoke extraction motors can be manufactured with high efficiency for continuous operation. The user determines the duration and temperature of emergency operation, such as F300 class motors designed to function at 300°C for 1 hour. Customized smoke extraction motors are also available to accommodate different temperature and time requirements.

     Where Are Smoke Extraction Motors Used?

    Smoke extraction motors are utilized in various settings where the efficient removal of smoke and hazardous gases is crucial. They find application in commercial buildings, such as shopping malls, airports, and hotels, where large-scale smoke extraction systems are required to ensure the safety of occupants during fire incidents. These motors are also employed in industrial facilities, including manufacturing plants and warehouses, where the extraction of smoke and fumes produced by industrial processes is necessary to maintain a safe working environment. Additionally, smoke extraction motors are used in transportation infrastructure like tunnels and underground stations, where they aid in clearing smoke in emergencies and ensuring the safe evacuation of people.

      Where are the best Smoke Extraction Motors?

     Determining the "best" fume extraction motors is subjective and depends on specific requirements and preferences. However, GAMAK is recognized for producing high-quality fume extraction motors and has a proven track record of providing reliable and efficient fume extraction solutions. When selecting the best fume extraction motor for a specific application, it is recommended to consider factors such as motor performance, certifications, compliance with safety standards, reliability, customer reviews, and after-sales support.

      Mechanical Properties of Smoke Extraction Motors 

    Smoke extraction motors can be categorized as fully closed fan-cooled (TEFC) or fully closed air-cooled (TEAO). In TEAO applications, where the motor is directly coupled to the fan, the motor is cooled by the surrounding air. On the other hand, in volute-type fans, TEFC motors require additional cooling. Uncooled motors lack a terminal box to ensure unobstructed airflow and direct cable connection.

    All smoke extraction motors feature cast iron bodies and are built with H-class insulation, conforming to B-class temperature rise standards. They can include thermistors, though these must be disabled during EMERGENCY operation. Once used in an emergency, the motor should be replaced. Additionally, standard smoke motors may incorporate pad-mounted motors.

     Gamak Smoke Extraction Motors are certified according to TS EN 12101-3 standard, tested in Applus+ and Efectis Test Laboratory. These motors are certified to operate at 300°C for 2 hours.

     Click here to view the Gamak smoke extraction motors.


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