GAMAK Smoke Extraction Motors

GAMAK Smoke Extraction Motors

Smoke extraction motors are used to create a smoke-free area so that extinguishing and rescue works can be done easily in case of fire and the living things in the environment are not affected. Smoke extraction motors work in conjunction with jet fans for both fire emergencies and indoor ventilation needs.
Smoke extraction motors used in ventilators have 2 types of operation. 
They are designed for S1 Continuous + S2 Short-term (Emergency) operation.

How Do Smoke Extraction Motors Work? 

Smoke extraction motors have the functions of short-time or continuous + short-time operation in case of emergency.
S2 : Short-term EMERGENCY operation - Operation at the pre-specified time and temperature at the time of fire.
S1 + S2 : Continuous operation + short-term EMERGENCY operation- Continuous operation is for ventilation purposes, eg exhaust gases discharge in highway tunnels. 
Smoke extraction motors can be manufactured with high efficiency if requested for continuous operation. 
How long and at what temperature the smoke extraction motors will be operated in the EMERGENCY operation should be specified by the user in advance.
For example, motors in the F300 class are manufactured to work at 300°C for 1 hour. However, smoke extraction motors suitable for working at different temperatures and times can also be produced.


Mechanical Properties of Smoke Extraction Motors 

Smoke extraction motors can be manufactured as fully closed fan cooled (TEFC) or fully closed air cooled (TEAO). In applications where the motor is directly coupled to the fan, it is cooled by the air passing over the motor (TEAO), while in volute type fans, the motor must be cooled (TEFC). In uncooled motors, in order not to block the air passing over the motor, the terminal box is not installed and the cables are directly removed for connection. 

• All motor bodies are made of cast iron.
• All Smoke Extraction Motors are manufactured in H class insulation, in accordance with B class temperature rise.
• Smoke Extraction Motors can be manufactured with thermistors, but thermistors must be disabled in EMERGENCY operation. 

Note: The motor used once in an EMERGENCY operation must be replaced. The features of standard smoke motors also include pad mounted motors. 

Gamak Smoke Extraction Motors have been certified as a result of tests carried out in accordance with TS EN 12101-3 standard. The tests were carried out in the Applus+ and Efectis Test Laboratory. As a result of the tests, Gamak Smoke Extraction Motors have been certified to operate at 300°C for 2 hours.

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